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Writer’s Block

As many of you know I have finished The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling (copyright © 2014 Clifford Adrian Balson) but you what you probably don’t know that it is the first of three book and the second installment already being in the works.  It is scheduled for publication in the summer or 2015.  During the process this is page that will be changing during my journey to finish my latest books. That is correct, I said books because a poetry anthology will be published within the next several months as well.   It appears that the long suffering is nearing its end.

Today is December 29, 2014 and I am working on both of the projects intermittently.  The poetry anthology is a book that is very small in comparison to the 642 pages that you will find in my last work.  My philosophy relating to poetry is that it should illicit an emotional response from the reader.  The book is a an compilation of works that span more than 40 years and is written in free verse.  Its sections are defined by time and genre.  It is a work that can be best described by its title, which will soon be announced as I am in the process of revamping my blog(s) and there will be a blog dedicated to it as well as each piece which will be created as it nears completion.

The second installment of the trilogy finds the Lee family once again playing an integral part as their journey through life and its mysteries continues.   This journey is all part of celebrating life with God.  Like the Book of Ester, God is not mentioned by name but His presence is immanently clear throughout the text.  It is for His glory and honor that I write.  It is His love that enables me to be me.

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