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It all comes back to Him

February 20, 2015

As some of you may know I youngest granddaughter has been struggling with cancer.   She was nine months old when it was discovered only a few weeks after I had first met her.  She is a very fascinating person, but aren’t we all.  The chain of events that revealed the cancer started off relatively benign.  I remember that day and the time as she crawled into my work area.  I was doing some writing on one of the two book projects that seem like they will be with me forever. When she reached the wall  she worked her way up to a standing position.  She so wanted to be like everyone else especially her big sister, Adelaide.  It appeared as though she had picked something up and put it in her month but when her mother reached her she could not see for certain whether she had or had not.  It was determined that she would be watched and if there was any signs of discomfort that she would be taken to the emergency room.

That night she apparently did suffer from some sort of discomfort and her parents made the decision to take her to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, though not the closest hospital it was one that they had confidence in providing the best care for little ones.  She had not swallowed anything that could be detected but a suspicious mass showed on the X-ray and the next day upon a second reading the hospital called requesting that she return for further tests.  Shortly after that it was determined that Bernadette was suffering from Neurblastoma Neuroblastoma rosettes.jpgand that the tumor was larger than a grapefruit but not detectable by casual observation.  Providence, one could say, had place Bernadette in the right place at the right time to discover this devastating illness.  I contend that it was not providence but God revealing the situation at time and a place where His plan could be best carried out.

Since that diagnosis I wonder how many of us are on our knees humbled by this faith affirming event. I believe the number worldwide had eclipsed 10,000.  God seeks our hearts and wants us to draw near to Him.  Are we not doing that right now.  Does He want any of us to suffer?  I don’t believe that He does but I also know that he understands the ‘stiff necked’ nature of the human being.  We, especially Americans, like to feel independent and able to avoid our weakness and dependence.  We have a God that loves us in spite of our failure.  We have a God that provides us way for those that stray from Him to be returned and restored.  Our past mistakes and sins forgiven by His grace and mercy alone.

Bernadette is my granddaughter and I love her as I love all of my grandchildren regardless of how near or far they are from me.  I pray for her recovery and for her to be restored in every way.  I do not claim to understand why she was chosen to be the catalyst for all of those prayers being sent to our Father.  I do not envy her pain and I cry out for the suffering of her parents and those who love her as well.  We have been given her as a gift to cherish and to love and I thank God for each moment that she is with us.  She like many before her are placed dreadful situations.  She like many that will come after her will endure pain and suffering that most of us can only imagine.  Still I know in my heart that God is with her and stands at her side.  I also know what I have to do and it is unfortunately it is something that few of us want to do, wait.  I pray that  I am ready to do what He expects of me.

For as the Psalmist says, “Show me your ways, Oh Lord; teach me your paths.  Lead me in Thy truth and teach me;  For thou are the God of my salvation; on Thee I do wait all the day.” Psalm 25: 4,5 (Holy Bible – King James version), it is on Him that we all wait.

Should wish to do more please click this link –> Bernadette Sanchez – cancer warrior!


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