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A Gift

December 25, 2014

I was watching television the other day and a character in one of the shows made an observation that continues to resonate with me.  He simple asked (I will paraphrase) “… isn’t Christmas all about second chances?”  How remarkable in these times of political correctness and apartment anti-Christian prejudice that a character in a nationally broadcast television show would utter these words.  Perhaps the author is a Christian with a message it is difficult to say, but the words rang out clearly.

Jesus, a Gift that we all need, was given to us so that we could once again be reunited with our Father in heaven.  He is our ‘second chance’.  He was given to us not because we have earned such a gift nor because we have been good little boys and girls, because God is not Santa Claus, He is so much more!

He is a gift that many of us chose to discount and ignore.  A gift that many don’t believe has merit in these times when men, and women, put their trust in their own understanding.  He is a gift that we typically do not have any idea of its true cost.

When I look at the nativity, at the cute Baby nestled in straw with His loving parents looking down at Him and the shepherds, wise men and all the animals humbled by the power that they see before them, I struggle to remember that God is there – he was and is among us.  He loves us so much.  He placed Himself there to march dutifully to the cross.  Today, the celebration of His birth marks the first step on the journey.  A journey that ends with our salvation.  A journey that reflects a love for us that is beyond my comprehension.  All praise honor and glory to Him, our God and Savior.

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