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What Is An Epiphany?

April 18, 2014


Why would an epiphany be startling to the person experiencing it?  A simple question that is probably best answered by another question, ‘why wouldn’t it be?’   Something of tremendous value or substance has been suddenly revealed to you and now you are trying to come to grips with how to process this newly discovered thing.

Today “The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling” copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014 is now available to explore an epiphany from both the secular and spiritual vantage points.  The overlapping of perspectives often blurs the reality of the situation and adds to our inability to ascertain ‘truth’ which in turn limits our understanding.

We wander through our lives failing to see what is going on around us.  The curtain is up and a fantastic play is in progress.  It is one in which we are willing or unwilling participants and as it unfolds and we witness the elaborate activities and we conclude that they are just so much chaos and disorder.  A greater perspective will reveal so much more.  We need to step away from the center stage and move to the balcony before we can glimpse a fraction of its sophisticated and intricate design.

The process in which we are all involved, whether we choose to see our involvement on not, is meant to be appreciated for what it is and not conformed to what we want it to be.  Our impact on events is limited at best and our effectiveness can only be measured in our willingness to seek understanding of our purpose and to diligently endeavor to fulfill it.

Working contrary to your purpose is a very painful experience that I have personally endured.  You will find that most activities when you are working against your purpose are at best difficult and often times disastrous.  You are striving for something that is not in your best interest though you are certain that it is.  You may reach that goal only to find an emptiness that cannot be satisfied, a hole that cannot be filled.  This is the stuff with which an addiction is constructed, a limitless emptiness that we struggle to fill one grain of sand at a time.

We may see the goal correctly, but can still choose a path that will not lead to it.  We can spend time in a wilderness searching for a result that was available to us if we had only turned our head and looked in the proper direction.

If life is a journey, then it is a good idea to know what the end result of that journey shall be.  If we can see the objective and do not understand what we are seeing, perhaps it’s time to get glasses.   I offer you mine, perhaps they can help.



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