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Today is the day!

April 17, 2014

After numerous delays and with much anticipation The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling (copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014 – 10th Samaritan Ministry publisher) is now available today April 17th, 2014  (Check it out!).  This science fiction work is the first of three books.  The next book Good Hope – The Journey Begins… is targeted for release in early 2015.  Considering that all science fiction is allegorical you can be assured that The First of July will not disappoint the reader that is seeking a reading experience that provokes thought and plays with your emotions.   It will challenge you to think about time and how you relate to it or more importantly how it relates to you.  

The term “time thread” is used through out the book and it can be said that a time thread is made up of a multitude of strands woven together.  We can be seen as traveling on a time thread in concert with those whose lives intersect our own.  Time threads have a beginning and they also have an ending, the relevant part of our time thread is the point at which we find ourselves at this very instant.  The carefully assembled bundle of individual strands that make up the time thread are believed by most unchangeable.  There are a few that believe that because time only a measuring stick, the way that we define the life’s process it is only the matter of perspective that limits our ability to visualize the process as it is and not what we think it should be.  Any process can be changed, where that change occurs is up to the individual.



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