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The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling

August 14, 2013

This is the new and improved title of my new book that I hope will be gracing the bookshelves of many a reader in the early part of 2014. The book is almost ready for editing. I am currently immersed in writing the final part of the sixteenth chapter and will be working on the final chapter shortly. My goal is to finish all edits by December 31st. Will that be done? I am not certain but I will not fail due to lack of effort.

The choice of the title was an interesting one. The use of a non-word in the title can be thought provoking and the term epiphanal startling is defined within the book. In fact, the term is defined and redefined as the main characters go through progressive revelation of their understanding of the meaning and purpose of their lives. Since this work is fiction, or more accurately described as allegorical science fiction, there is an expectation of invented terms and as such, I felt that I could use them liberally.

The creation of a new world or the insertion of a plot into a future time is a very fun place to play. As a writer, you get to put the dream or fantasy to paper and let the muse take you on the journey to where ever that may be.

I started writing The 1st of July in 2008, directly following my first draft of Onward Christian Salesman. They are entirely different pieces and while Onward was an obligation to write, The 1st of July was a real joy. In January of this year, when I was in final edits of Onward, I began writing the book again. At that time I picked up where I had left off and I have not stopped writing since.

To give you perspective, if you haven’t read Onward or don’t know anything about it, it is a self help book aimed at helping those in the sales profession to avoid getting lost and succumbing to the pressures and temptation of their career choice. Some of you will find the reading very dry and possibly a little too technical. There is a lot of me in the book and I talk about stuff that is very difficult to face. The book was written to help others that might be having the same challenges I faced. If it helps one person then it was truly worth the time and effort. The 1st of July is a complex multi threaded adventure that deals with man’s fixation with time and the age-old question of why we are here.

The books are as different as night and day but are similar in one basic premise and that is that they attempt to speak to the reader of the value of a deep and meaningful relationship with God. God is not mentioned once in The 1st of July but He is there nonetheless. God is mentioned repeatedly in Onward as you can plainly see even by the title.

The new book will be a real bargain, if you like buying books by the pound. It will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 820 pages, though currently I have written that amount already. The reformatting for a slightly larger book size and a font adjustment should enable it to meet the limitation set for publishing. This has been a continuously discussed issue and many people that I have discussed the book with have asked if it could have been cut down into two or three smaller works. I cannot seem to figure out how to do that, perhaps during editing a different path will be revealed

From this point going forward I will be writing more frequently about the progress of the book, Lord willing it will not be my last book. I have at least one more in me. The outlining will be starting next month! God bless you all, and remember to thank Him for all that He has given us.

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