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Writing A Book Where You Bare Your Soul

May 29, 2013

I have written several posts regarding why I wrote my first book Onward Christian Salesman. It has been a very sobering experience in that I have written a book that reaches into the very core of why my life has gone from secular success to secular failure and then, through God’s grace, to ultimate reward through my salvation. This book is a difficult one for many to understand and its title has scared off some potential readers both in the faith based and secular communities.

The book defines a sale career. It takes the reader from the very beginning and moves them through a comprehensive look at the elements involved in achieving success. It does not quantify that success however. It seeks to allow the reader to draw their own conclusion as to what is important. What also is included is an expository theme that reveals potential pitfalls in the journey that may occur. Who better to reveal the snares and obstacles that you can face but someone that has faced them and has seen first hand their devastating effects.

When I view the impact that the decisions that I have made, I see a life that would be considered by many as a failure. What I really see is a life that has been changed by the offer of a new beginning given me by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All elements of my life have worked in concert to bring me to the place that I am at today. I have more than I deserve to have and I find new blessing every day.

I recently returned from a trip to Pennsylvania to see my oldest daughter and her family. This was a truly amazing trip where everywhere I went I felt love, God’s love expressed to me through the wonderful friends and family that I was fortunate to see. Each person that I had the opportunity to see was a gift to me. It shows me definitively that God’s love for us is expressed through the people that we come in contact with and we as His children must respond in kind- not out of a feeling of duty but out of kindness and love. This love that is the reflected love of our God.

What does this have to do with the book that I wrote? Its application is a gesture of love meant to help those that are seeking to do what they can to survive in a world that is an alien place. Those in Christ’s family will find themselves in conflict with the world’s objectives. They will struggle at times with the temptations that success can reveal. Our need to seek His righteousness first and foremost is never more apparent as we seek to put food on the table and to do His work within a hostile environment, the world.

The book does not supersede the Bible and a person’s need to remain true to its teachings. It is designed to illustrate the course that can set should the person elect to pursue a sales career. It will bring into focus the pressures that your daily routine can followed to achieve success while maintaining the integrity of your spiritual objective within your life’s goal. If you follow the routine outlined you will be successful. If you maintain the proper focus you will be ultimately successful through you relationship with Him. For without Him we can do nothing and with Him we can do all things!

Exposing my sinful nature to the world is not an easy one. Especially since I want to run and hide from it. It is my sin, like all others that each and every one of us have perpetrated, that caused God to take the truly drastic steps necessary to secure our redemption- the sacrifice of His only Son on the cross. The action is unfathomable, the love truly more powerful than any feeling of love that I have experienced. That love grows within me.

If you know someone that is stuck and is seeking to find a way to earn a living but also wants to maintain a focus on God, Onward Christian Salesman should be a good read for them. This is especially true for someone that is returning to society after being in prison. If they are seeking to start their own business, they will find that selling and marketing are a very large part of the new business venture. Anyone that has recently been released and wishes to buy the book I will make it available at a reduced rate. Contact me and I will send you a promotion code that will enable you to take advantage of a significant saving.

May God bless you and your journey.

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