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May Day is Lei Day – at least in Hawaii

May 1, 2013

I had the good fortune to live in Hawaii for a couple of years. We moved there as a reaction to my successful fight in overcoming cancer. At the time, we were not exactly how long the triumph would be, but it is twenty four years later and I am now appreciating the gift that God gave me then and now.

The Hawaiian Lei is strand of flowers and vines woven to make a necklace that is used to adorn or beautify the wearer. It is also a symbol of peace that is indicated by the weaving of two different types of flowers or vines. We can celebrate the beauty that God has put all around us or we can celebrate the peace, which He alone grants us. At any rate, there is ample room to joyously shout praises to Him.

There are many reasons that I was drawn to this subject. First, my ex-wife loved this tradition when we lived there and continued to miss it after we left. I cannot help but go through the day without thinking of her and the joy it gave her. The second was brought on when I read a post from a fellow blogger ( the post was inspirational. I recommend that you take a moment and read that post along with others you find on her blog.

Normally I celebrate my continued time on earth on the anniversary date of my scheduled last chemotherapy treatment (June 16th) I recognize how blessed I have been and how those blessing continue to flow. It is one more reason I have to thank the God that loves us so much.

Have a blessed Lei Day!


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