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Liberator Of All Slaves

April 28, 2013

In yesterday’s post, I closed with a statement that included the title of today’s message. I would like to talk about slavery. This is not to say that slavery is a condition that I believe should be employed by human beings. Unfortunately, slavery comes in different fashions and we can find ourselves enslaved even though we believe ourselves to be free.

God’s chosen have been slaves. He freed them only to have them elect be enslaved things within their character. They became slaves to idolatry and they became slaves to themselves. Today there is economic slavery and that is created and driven by our need to possess things. The ownership of things makes little rational sense in that they are only ours for a very brief time and should you argue that your ancestors will benefit from them you can find as many times as the don’t as they do.

Anything that holds us captive to it is a form of slavery. I struggle with what some call an addictive personality. I tend to become enslaved to things, activities and people. It is not too uncommon, unfortunately. There is a book that I would recommend those that suffer from the same challenges in life that I do. The book is titled Grace and Addiction by Gerald May MD. Doctor May is a psychiatrist that explores addictive behavior in its most subtle forms to those that most of associate with addiction – those to substance (alcohol and drugs). At the risk of condensing this masterful work to the point where it is rendered meaningless, I will say that the only true substitution for addiction is God. The addicted person has a big hole within them that can only be filled by the living God.

As a liberated slave, you are suddenly confronted with freedom. God has taken away your sins. He has made you a new creation. You are re-born in His image. Now what? Yesterday I mentioned the parable of the sower and ground that the seed falls upon. Today in my Sunday school class, I brought up the question of what we as soil are to do. Are we to sit passively by and wait for the Holy Spirit to complete the good work that has been started within us?
Do we take up our matt and when asked how it was that we are healed, we reply that we do not know who did it (John 5)? Alternatively, do we when given our ability to see for the first time in many years (John 9) when asked to deny the miracle do we proclaim Jesus is our Savior?

I can remember shortly after being welcomed home as the prodigal son, when I was asked why do I want to do for God. Through my tears of joy my reply was that I want to serve Him – I will gladly be His slave.


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