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Is He Really Saved Or Is He Playing Me? (continued)

April 25, 2013

As I continue to look at what I am now thinking is representation of “true” salvation, I struggle with the views that others have when you are attempting to provide that cool cup of water to the thirsty souls. In yesterday’s meanderings, I looked at the way that people that claim to be saved while in jail or prison are sometimes viewed by others that see their professed faith as nothing more than a ploy.

Having a naturally jaundiced view people and events is completely understandable to me. Of the many gifts that God has given me, one is my ability to evaluate situations from many different perspectives. I can see the other side of most arguments. During a time when I am evaluating a situation, I can go down a less than sympathetic path. I will some times suspect the worst, while my nature is typically to give the benefit of the doubt to any and all.

This has been helpful in my career in sales and it has enabled me to experience a level of empathy in recent times as I channel the gift to be in line with God’s purpose. It has also been helpful to have experienced first hand that what you are trying to understand.

I have written about the need for trust in during the past week and that it is the human predicament that causes that need. As I have said before, I do not believe God needs to trust us, He knows everything. Trust and faith come into play when we do not know what the truth is. We rely upon those two similar but not quite identical human conditions to allay the fear that is ingrained in us. We worry; we are anxious and not confident about so many things.

We work to minimize our risks and we obsess about what we cannot hope to be able to control. Giving those elements that God are in control of to Him and letting them go frees us to be able to be exactly what He expects of us. The more we attempt to usurp those things, the more difficult our road becomes.

What does this have to do with looking into the eyes of a new creation in Christ and wondering whether they are good soil or not. Are they really sincere in their professed faith? Will they embarrass me after I have stood along side them?

Those things might happen. They may not be sincere. The safe solution is to not trust them. The safe solution is not to become involved or to do so in a way that you can minimize your risks. God does not want us to be stupid people, but in my case, I managed to do that all by myself. Our actions as Christians do not always seem to make sense to the secular world. We believe things that could not possibly be true. I accept the fact that there are no coincidences, that all things are done in concert with God’s will.

I worked for a time in Allentown, or more accurately Emmaus Pennsylvania. I took the road to Emmaus every day and it caused me hours of mediation thinking about Luke 24:13-35. It is amazing how when we need Him, He is with us. We state the obvious in prayers and He listens attentively because He loves us. The promise was fulfilled, He has told us that the seeds will be scattered and some will land on good soil. The odds are apparently against that, but look at the harvest when it does occur. Jesus’ ministry is very personal, He saves one at a time and many have taken the healing and ran the other way. If he chose me, why would he not choose the one standing in front of me? Why not?

(tomorrow – a thorn in the flesh)


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