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Hope – Our Lives In The Light

April 19, 2013

When you accept that you are a servant of the Lord and are granted the truly special gift of redemption, you have gained much. As you read His word and learn from the lessons that He teaches, you become aware of how little importance you have and yet how infinitely important you are. Our hope is in Him and through Him we live, not vicariously as we would live through witnessing others lives, but wholly and completely. We become what we were to become. We realize our potential.

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a writer. This desire was in the forefront of my mind for most of my early adult life. But as time went on it began to fade. The desire was strongest when I was superficially involved with God. I say this because I had not given my life to Christ nor had I lived a life that was in servitude to Him. I was focused on myself, but God was not totally out of the picture.

As I got older and more sophisticated I began to doubt that God existed and then at one point firmly believed that He did not. At this point my focus was on me and those things that I could control, or at least what I thought I could control. My hope was in me and those that I had around me. It was an empty life, missing the most important part.

It lead to me a path of self destruction, and the odd thing is that one that was so focused on themselves would destroy that what was purported to be so important to them. God felt more love for me than I did. He waited knowing that I would come over the hill at the right time and under the right circumstances. That I would take those experiences and lessons learned and put them together in a book (Onward Christian Salesman). After that I am to take that book and learn more so that my next book can glorify Him even more than the first.

I have returned to my first Love and use my love of words to give Him glory. Perhaps these words have given you cause to think about your own gifts and how you are using them to serve our God. For it is for Him that we labor and for Him all the glory must be.

Great sinners learn that God has mercy and grace that extends farther than man can imagine. Saul of Tarsus, after standing holding the robes of those that stoned Stephen, or when he was blinded on the road to Damascus must seen that Jesus’ love abounded. Every day of his mission he must have recognized that God had given him far more than he had realized the day before. I am not Paul, I am Cliff. My sins are much different and I do not claim to have any significant impact on the body of Christ. What I will do is be a faithful servant founded in the knowledge that my hopes in Him will not be disappointed.



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