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With Hope We Shall Overcome

April 18, 2013

Over the past several days trust has been at the forefront of the discussions here. It has been examined from several different vantage points and in the absence of trust we find hopelessness. If we have not trusted the One and only that deserves our trust we can find no solid ground (a rock) to stand upon when the trust in men and of men fails. This is inevitable. We will be let down by men and women. We will let others down, because it is our nature. We are not able to continuously meet the expectation of perfection.

I have sat in a very lonely place devoid of hope. It caused my thoughts to run in many different directions, most of which were not positive. Still as I reached the bottom of my despair someone made their presence known to me or should I say more accurately that I became aware of a presence that had been with me since before I was born.

It is in that depth that I found God. Not because He wanted me to be there but because He knew that that is where I would inevitably be. There because of my self-reliance and my pride. There because of my sin.

Hopelessness gave way to hope. Hope found in forgiveness and a promise of loyalty that I had never returned in kind. A willingness to welcome me back, for it is from Him I had wandered, and with open arms, a hug and a kiss upon the neck He welcomed me home. He replaced my filthy rags with a royal robe and washed me of all unrighteousness.

Even while I physically remained in that place, I now looked with hope that faith given to me inspired. As I celebrated the love shown to me and reflected that love to others. My path became easier to travel and the horizon more bright. So long as I let my hope rest with Him and Him alone I have nothing to fear. No reason for despair.

But as a sheep I am prone to wandering. I do not remember every moment what brought me to this truly amazing place of contentment. When I follow the Sheppard’s lead I am secure in knowing that my life is on the path to which was intended to follow. When I drift into despair because I have trusted in men and placed my hopes on their interpretations of life’s events I must come back to Him for guidance.

God is with us always, teaching and showing us the path. We must implore Him “To show us Your ways O Lord, to teach us Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior and my hope is in You all day long.” (Psalm 25:4-5) We must slow ourselves and be observant. There is a great deal happening all the time.




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