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I am seeking your opinions on a difficult subject- Marriage and Divorce

April 18, 2013

I have searched the scripture to find God’s intention regarding marriage after divorce.  I get conflicting opinions from many with the fall back position that God does love us and would forgive our mistaken conclusion.  I have been divorced for several years and have struggled with forgiving myself for causing it to happen.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated and thank you for participating


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  1. somepcguy permalink

    I cannot answer your poll above because it is not nuanced enough. The answer is that God does NOT approve of marriage after divorce. However, He does love us and does forgive us for our mistakes. I tend to believe that God’s disapproval does not extend to those cases where the ex-spouse was unfaithful, but I have recently read some things that lead me to question that (since I am not currently close to someone in that particular situation, I do not have to resolve my questions at the moment).


  2. “The answer is that God does NOT approve of marriage after divorce.”
    We can also say that God prohibits divorce. But we also know the exception–adultery.
    So “The answer…” needs qualifying also, though Christians have often ignored that.

    When the Corinthians asked Paul about a wife who had left her husband, his answer first re-affirmed Jesus rejection of divorce, then regarding the wife who has left, he says, let her remain single or be reconciled to her husband.

    As long as the singleness remains their is a door for reconciliation. But what if that wife who left goes ahead and disobeys the command and gets married–does that mean that the deserted husband must remain single all his life? [As in the blanket statement above.]

    Behind all this is the OT background, where in the case of adultery, the betrayed spouse was certainly free to re-marry.

    In the NICNT, I Corinthians, Gordon Fee also argues that “not bound” referring to a Christian spouse who is deserted by a non-Christian spouse is to be taken as free to remarry.

    On the topic of forgiveness: ‘forgiving oneself’ is a modern therapeutic notion not found in the Bible. We are to keep our eyes on God and seek and accept His forgiveness.

    Blessings to you in your quest to be faithful.


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