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More About The Need For Trust

April 17, 2013

We have been challenged to live our lives as Christ would live, a daunting task. Picture Jesus, if you will, as He interacts with those that He has come to save. There is no judgment or condemnation aside for those that do not accept His mission, those that work against Him.

Does Jesus trust those that He saves? I don’t know, there is no indication one way or another. We see what may be seen as disappointed such as when He heals the ten lepers. (Luke 17:12-19). This example is how 10th Samaritan Ministry got its name, for the only one that came back to praise God for the healing was a Samaritan, the 10th. The others were so pleased with their new condition that they did not remember that God does all things for us.

This can be true of those that have been granted forgiveness. They have an immediate relief of their symptoms and the euphoria of the healing. They rush away to begin their lives again. They are like the seeds that the sower casts that happen to fall on the path and cannot root themselves. (Matthew 13:1-9) Our capacity to be thankful and to appreciate what has been given to us varies from time to time. I find myself very able to receive His blessings one day and then the next I am not able to remember the source of all joy. It is perplexing and illustrates how challenging it is for us to remain in a consistent state of relationship with God.

We must seek Him each and every day “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33) Our reliance on Him and the understanding that “…the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20) enables us to better appreciate forgiveness and the way that we can trust our fellow sinners.

In practical terms it means that we should be willing to start from the beginning. We can give those that have failed a chance to succeed. If they do not succeed is it an indictment of us? Are we fools? I contend that if I know the risks and decide to do something anyway then I am not behaving like a fool, I have made a decision that had risks. The risk is that this person was not capable of receiving a gift of trust and building upon it. They elected to see the gift as something that it was not. They may have seen it as weakness, but I contend that it was a sign of strength. They may have seen it as an opportunity to take advantage of someone’s good nature but I contend that I knew that there was a potential for that to occur.

Without that door being opened the likelihood of someone succeeding without tremendous devotion to God is extremely remote. Picture yourself seeking the chance to prove that you are a new person, born again. What do you need? Where are you seeking your strength? If you are not seeking it with God you have missed the point. God is the source of trust, faith and love. He is the beginning and the end. We can do nothing without Him and everything with Him. The need to trust is ours. The potential to earn it is only through God’s grace and His work within those around us.

The need to understand that while we seek to earn the trust of those that we have betrayed, that the trust will be restored according to God’s time and in the circumstances where His purpose will be fulfilled. As we struggle with forgiving both others and ourselves, remember that the trust we may have lost can only be found with the one that has no need of it, our Lord and God.

Smile and know that God does love you.



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