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Trust – What Does That Mean?

April 14, 2013

I don’t trust you. Those are pretty harsh words. In a selling situation that pretty much means that a sale will not be forth coming. When I think about establishing any interpersonal relationship one of the cornerstones has to be trust. What can trust look like? I picture trust as reliance, knowing that you can count on something to be as you believe it to be.

Trust is not an instantaneous event. It does not magically appear. The need for trust is a very human condition. The failure trust is ultimately human. It is probably because we do not have God’s perspective and that we do not have the faith to count exclusively on Him. We always want to “drive”, to feel that we are in control.

I don’t believe that God has the need to trust or maybe more accurately because He knows all trust is within Him alone. He is love and that love manifests itself in many ways towards us. It is unconditional and sacrificial as we have seen. It is stern and always perfect in that it responds to us as we need it to respond to us. Need not want!

Can trust be our problem? I think to some degree it is. We do not want to be wrong therefore we doubt and fear. We don’t want to be seen as weak, stupid or gullible. Maybe we even don’t want to give up control. There is only one that deserves our trust 100% of the time and that is God.

We can set obstacles in front of us when trying to earn the trust of someone. These obstacles are like mountains that loom in front of us and must be climbed. Each one them confronted so that we can have the confidence to trust, the faith to believe that what is promised will come to be.


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