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Why Onward Christian Salesman?

April 11, 2013

Why would someone write a book about becoming a salesman? What is Onward Christian Salesman about anyway? These are two very good questions. People write books about sales all the time. At last count there must be… well there have to be a lot of them. I have written mine not to give the reader lots of easy to follow instructions as to how to close sales, though there are quite a few ideas that should be helpful in that area, but it is about how to not let a career, specifically in sales, consume you and take you away from what really matters.

I have significant qualifications because I have been successful at sales and I have ruined my life as a result of my inability to handle the career properly. Most sales people I have known have fairly large egos. I count myself as one that also has one. If you add into the equation an upbringing that encouraged me to sacrifice for the good of others, you have potentially volatile mixture that can explode in any number of different ways.

What I did was look as many different pressure points where an individual might lose their way and fail prey to the many different temptations and obstacles that may cause you to be unsuccessful or worse. My ministry is focused on giving God the glory (the credit) for all things. Because of this, I am challenged to provide for those that may be in need . These are the reasons this book was written.

The book is not about me trying to justify any past action. It is not about me minimizing the bad things that I did. It is about redemption and how you can avoid the path I followed. It puts our attention back where it should be all the time. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you.” ( Matthew 6:33)

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