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A Site Resurrected

C Adrian Balson - Author

Today is the fourteenth of January and in keeping with new year resolutions I have decided that it is time to once again to begin to blog.  I have been challenged for the past year from both emotional and physical constraints.   As many readers know one of my granddaughters has been suffering for more than a year.  She was initially diagnosed with cancer but upon having the surgery that indeed saved her life she developed what I will simply call complications that caused her to now need a multiple organ transplant. All this has happened to Bernadette who is only a little more than two years old.  The physical challenges are mostly those accompanying aging.

This post is not about those things, it is about what is now going on from a creative standpoint and how I see, through my foggy crystal ball, what will transpire throughout the balance…

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God Is In Charge

The picture that you see here is not a current one.  By that I mean it is not today’s image.  It is on that was taken almost two weeks ago and it is a very dramatic image for sure.  Her name is Bernadette Sanchez and she is the youngest of my grandchildren,  I continue to write about her because he fight to remain with us here is an inspiring one.  She had cancer and while the surgery removed it she was discovered to have a defective gene.  This defect probably caused the cancer and this defect probably caused her to go into septic shock.  It was so severe that when the surgery was completed it was suggested that her parents contact a priest.

Yes, she was at death’s door.  This fourteen month old baby, during her brief existence, has endured trauma then most people will endure in a life time.  So where is God at this point?  Why hasn’t He answered the prayers of the thousands that have been made on her behalf.  Yes, I said thousands of people who have lifted her plight up to our merciful Father.  I believe that the voices that continue to be raised have not fallen on deaf ears.  God is listening and hears each one of our cries to Him.

Here is what has happened. She is no longer on a ventilator and has been able to be returned to her mother’s anxious arms.  You can see by my daughter, Kate Sanchez, expression that she has seen cause to smile.  God teaches us much at times like these and to see the strength of this person who is confident that God will do the right thing.  She know that whatever the outcome that God has been with her through this ordeal.

I wish that everyone had a chance to speak with her.  You would understand how right it is to trust in our God.  He will not forsake us.  That does not mean that He will give want we want because there are times when what we want is not what is best for all concerned.  I find it amazing that God can take a situation with hundreds if not thousands involved and orchestrate a perfect solution for all involved.  Can I see the perfection?  Not really.  Can I see glimpses of the effects?  Yes, if I take the time to look and study and not wallow in the emotions and pain of the moment, which I have been known to do from time to time.

Our God has seen us suffer through the ages.  He has watched us turn our backs on Him countless times.  His faithfulness endures and His willingness to forgive us gives us a true definition of the word ‘patience’.  It is that patience that we must cling to as we watch Bernadette cover and wonder why she is not there yet.  Look at her face and see the frown.  She more than anyone wants to be better.  Bee wants to be able to sit in her mother or father’s arms and feel protected and safe.  It is what we all want for her and ourselves.  We want to see the smile that has crept back on to my daughter’s face for a fleeting moment to also return to Bernadette’s face too.

I ask all that read this that they take a moment and speak to our God.  He listens and care.  After all He paid a terrific price just to give us the opportunity to speak to Him.  May the Lord bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace!

It all comes back to Him

As some of you may know I youngest granddaughter has been struggling with cancer.   She was nine months old when it was discovered only a few weeks after I had first met her.  She is a very fascinating person, but aren’t we all.  The chain of events that revealed the cancer started off relatively benign.  I remember that day and the time as she crawled into my work area.  I was doing some writing on one of the two book projects that seem like they will be with me forever. When she reached the wall  she worked her way up to a standing position.  She so wanted to be like everyone else especially her big sister, Adelaide.  It appeared as though she had picked something up and put it in her month but when her mother reached her she could not see for certain whether she had or had not.  It was determined that she would be watched and if there was any signs of discomfort that she would be taken to the emergency room.

That night she apparently did suffer from some sort of discomfort and her parents made the decision to take her to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, though not the closest hospital it was one that they had confidence in providing the best care for little ones.  She had not swallowed anything that could be detected but a suspicious mass showed on the X-ray and the next day upon a second reading the hospital called requesting that she return for further tests.  Shortly after that it was determined that Bernadette was suffering from Neurblastoma Neuroblastoma rosettes.jpgand that the tumor was larger than a grapefruit but not detectable by casual observation.  Providence, one could say, had place Bernadette in the right place at the right time to discover this devastating illness.  I contend that it was not providence but God revealing the situation at time and a place where His plan could be best carried out.

Since that diagnosis I wonder how many of us are on our knees humbled by this faith affirming event. I believe the number worldwide had eclipsed 10,000.  God seeks our hearts and wants us to draw near to Him.  Are we not doing that right now.  Does He want any of us to suffer?  I don’t believe that He does but I also know that he understands the ‘stiff necked’ nature of the human being.  We, especially Americans, like to feel independent and able to avoid our weakness and dependence.  We have a God that loves us in spite of our failure.  We have a God that provides us way for those that stray from Him to be returned and restored.  Our past mistakes and sins forgiven by His grace and mercy alone.

Bernadette is my granddaughter and I love her as I love all of my grandchildren regardless of how near or far they are from me.  I pray for her recovery and for her to be restored in every way.  I do not claim to understand why she was chosen to be the catalyst for all of those prayers being sent to our Father.  I do not envy her pain and I cry out for the suffering of her parents and those who love her as well.  We have been given her as a gift to cherish and to love and I thank God for each moment that she is with us.  She like many before her are placed dreadful situations.  She like many that will come after her will endure pain and suffering that most of us can only imagine.  Still I know in my heart that God is with her and stands at her side.  I also know what I have to do and it is unfortunately it is something that few of us want to do, wait.  I pray that  I am ready to do what He expects of me.

For as the Psalmist says, “Show me your ways, Oh Lord; teach me your paths.  Lead me in Thy truth and teach me;  For thou are the God of my salvation; on Thee I do wait all the day.” Psalm 25: 4,5 (Holy Bible – King James version), it is on Him that we all wait.

Should wish to do more please click this link –> Bernadette Sanchez – cancer warrior!

The Need For Intercessory Prayer – A Moment On Our Knees

This is Bernadette and she is one year old.  This Friday, January 9, 2015 she is undergo surgery to potentially remove the Bernadette Sunglassestumor that has been treated with chemotherapy for the past several months.  Surgery is always a risky situation for anyone but when it is performed on someone so young and with a tumor that has been wrapped around her aorta it is even that much more difficult.  That was a little of the back story.  She has been surrounded by people who love her very much.  Her sister adores her and even though she herself is very young, Adelaide has been continuously ready to offer a smile and encouragement to her sister.

Her mom and dad are faithfully providing a nurturing environment and pray that she will be with them for more than the brief time thus far.  Everyone whose lives have been touched by the little girl seeks nothing more than the best for her and that includes me, her maternal grandfather.  When the people have discovered her situation they have all responded in the same way, they have gone to the One that can truly influence the outcome, God and they have sought His healing love.

I have always wondered whether intercessory prayer was a selfish act.  This may seem like a strange thing to say but we are taught by Jesus himself that we should pray for God’s will to be done (The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:12 and Luke 11:2).  We even see evidence of Jesus’ desire to have things be different when confronted with the cross.  I believe that while He understood God’s will completely He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and asked for the cup to be taken from Him, but nevertheless Thy will be done He concludes the prayer (Matthew 26:42).

I have spent some time recently seeking better understanding about what God expect’s from us in these very trying situations.  As I turn to the scripture the source of what is true and correct I find such verses as “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) It seems here that God is ready and willing to give us exactly what we desire.  Unfortunately, the caveat is that we must delight in the Lord.  To delight means that we are in accord with His desires for us and for His kingdom.  We now must understand what that means.  That is followed by an even more difficult question and that is, ‘Is it possible for to truly understand all of God’s desires?’

We do find encouragement to ask for healing – “Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord;” (James 5:14)  God wants us to call upon Him and He wants us to trust in Him and Him alone.  It is for this reason that I am encouraged to ask of you to join me in prayer for this little girl and for her family.  They need our collective words sent up to Him that holds us all in His hands. Blend our voices raised in praise and thanksgiving to a God that has given us so much is all that I am asking of you.  His glory will be in the hearing of such praise and thankfulness.  His mercy will be complete and His will of course be done.  Jesus says to us in John 16:33 – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Please take a moment and include this child in your thoughtful prayers.  If you are inclined please share with other so that can add their voices to all who call upon the Lord on Bernadette’s behalf.  May the Lord our God grant you peace and bless you always!

Thanks for taking a the time to read and to honor our God.

All quotations are taken from the Holy Bible – New International Version 

Challenges In Writing An Allegorical Piece

C Adrian Balson - Author

Last year I finished a six hundred and twenty-two page piece of allegorical science fiction.  It seems redundant to say but I suspect there is at least one or two science fiction pieces that not were expressly created as metaphors for something or other, hence the need to mention that this piece clearly was designed to offer multiple means of entertaining the reader.  So ‘The First of July’ was born with the unexpressed purpose of symbolically representing the moment in time when an individual comes to the realization that God is.  The book does not mention God, though He is clearly present throughout the book.

Some of us have had knowledge that God was among us from almost our inception.  I can think of someone very close to me that knew Him even though they were never introduced to Him.  In fact, this person grew up in an environment where…

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What the New Year Has Brought

C Adrian Balson - Author

I find myself drawn back to working on the two projects that I had begun last spring.  The poetry book will be the first one finished and will be something that I am very happy to have taken the time to create.  Poetry is what I first began writing hand.jpgwhile in my teens and some of the poems included in this book were the first creative pieces I put on paper.  Yes, I did say paper since when I was a teen there were no personal computers or word processors.  There were typewriters and there was the pen and paper.  Nothing could be more daunting than to sit and stare at a starkly white sheet of paper while I struggled to find the right words to begin my epic story.

Poetry for me is a friendly medium of expression.  I can write what I feel in disjointed phrases that convey far more…

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